January 30, 2021

A Temple Made of Air

Giorgia Angiuli is a musical polymath. I don’t know my electronic subgenres as well as I should, so I have a hard time pinning her music down into a simple descriptor, but this video is incredible.1 However you may want to label the songs (“A rose by any other name,” etc, etc.), the variety of instruments and watching what goes into making the sounds coalesce is mesmerizing.

From the description of Angiuli’s album In A Pink Bubble.

Brandishing an immersive sonic sphere, the classically trained musician played and recorded all instruments throughout the album, including her favourite weapons of choice, from her beloved 60s guitar to vintage analog synths like the Moog Sub37, Juno 106, the infamous O-B-6 synth and more.

As many of the comments on this video note, seeing her do her thing and bounce from instument to instrument is pure joy.2

  1. There is some Italo Disco in there. ↩︎

  2. It’s okay to read the comments, just this once. ↩︎

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