February 6, 2021

Romeo and Juliet

I remember hearing Widowspeak years ago, when their album Almanac came out and not getting too attached to it. When Apple Music recommended a song from their new EP, I gave the band another try in the flow of a new music playlist. I quickly reversed the direction of the playlist and returned to revisit the track. I listened to Romeo and Juliet” about a dozen times today.

If it weren’t for the lyrics, it would be hard to believe this is a Dire Straits cover and not a straight take on a Mazzy Star song. In the context of the music, the lyrics make the beginning of the track sound like something from one of those 90’s alternative” movies like Reality Bites. It certainly doesn’t bring to mind the Sultans of Swing. The cliches are easily overlooked when the atmosphere is this beautiful.


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