May 27, 2021

Grayscale Phone

I recently showed my wife my iPhone screen, which was dulled by complete grayscale. She responded by telling me that it didn’t look as interesting without the colors. Which was just the point. The once vibrant phone, alluring to my eyes, was now rendered much more boring. The bloom had come off the rose, and my attention was my own again.

We spend so much time just dorking around on our phones. We intentionally pick it up to perform a task, but how often does our phone overstay it’s welcome as we just start clicking on one thing after another? There are times that I pick up the phone to check something, forget what I wanted to check and end up looking at something entirely different.

In a Moz://a post about how to actually enjoy being online again, Rebecca Smith details how you can avoid distractions and only get online for the things you need or that bring you enjoyment. One of the ways she avoids distraction is by turning on grayscale in accessibility settings.

How often do you find yourself mindlessly reaching for your phone and then scrolling through for no reason? You look down and it’s been an hour and you didn’t accomplish or learn anything, or even really find yourself entertained. Your time matters, and app logos and colors are designed and used to capture your attention for longer. The colors stimulate your brain, so by turning your phone to grayscale and stripping the colors, you may be less motivated to check your phone as often.

Smith has other ideas, as well, some of which just promote Firefox and one of which is as simple as, just close your computer.”


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