October 31, 2021

Social Media Sabbatical

Charlotte Bismuth on taking a sabbatical from social media.

My eyes are no longer accustomed to the stillness of life. Sitting at my desk, in my NYC bedroom, I’m looking out at the building next door. Its rectangular windows are shaped like my cell phone screen, and during the first few days of my social media break, I almost expected them to scroll or fill with images. But they are fixed in brick. It’s an adjunct building for a hospital — I think it contains some labs and offices — so there’s barely ever any movement or change. Seeking movement and distraction, my eyes flit around my desk and room, resisting focus.

I’ve had that feeling, like my eyes are scrolling in some sort of mild nystagmus. It always reminds me that it’s time to get off Twitter.

Adjusting to Real Life After Social Media | Medium.com


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