It’s Been A Privilege

Last week, I attended two days of the All Things Open open source tech conference. I came away with more knowledge of open source (especially the Cypress testing tool) and a bunch of t-shirts. It wasn’t until I went to put on this year’s conference shirt that I noticed the Meta logo on the back. Meta was the main sponsor of the event.

I reflected on my time at the conference when I read this post by Derek Kedziora. The post is mostly about how software developers have enough privilege to turn down unethical work. Kedziora makes a good point overall on the subject, but one particular passage stood out to me.

Every tech conference I’ve been to has a lot of performative ethics such as pronouns in your bio, repeating the Latest Thing™, yet I’ve never heard of a conference refusing to allow people from Facebook (especially after Cambridge Analytica) present.

If I didn’t know Kedziora was overseas, I would have sworn he was in attendance at the same conference as I was. Nothing could be more 2022 than broadcasting your sexuality and gender preferences, before your design talk, at an event sponsored by a company that steals people’s data.