December 28, 2022

Riding the Mastodon

M.G. Siegler tried out Mastodon as a Twitter replacement, and he didn’t come away impressed. Like a lot of people, he found fault in the onboarding experience.

In response to my tweets (not toots), I got a lot of messages to make sure that I signed up for a good” server for Mastodon. Apparently, I was foolish in picking one of Mastodon’s own, thinking that was an obvious choice. Don’t I know the entire point is to be federated to to not use a server run by the company the network is named after? Duh. I should spin up my own server, actually. I should also make my own soap. This is the future, people.

I have to admit, it is a larger barrier than you would think to find the right instance/server. I’m glad has the instance to which you get access when you join the service. It has some interesting people and seems reliable.

Mastodon Brought a Protocol to a Product Fight


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