The Best Words I Wrote In 2022

I thought about doing a post on my favorite or most popular things that I wrote in 2022. However, there’s a problem with that concept. I do a lot of link blogging. If I’m being completely honest, most of the best words I wrote in 2022 originated from other people. You know what, though? Ultimately, I’m fine with that.

Clive Thompson writes about his link blogging and how he prepares for that type of writing. He finds that much of what he writes is triggered by reading something else.

This is particularly true of writing my Linkfests. They’re old-school linkblogging; the goal is to find incredibly cool stuff for my readers. They’re a blast to write, but they require me to inhale the Internet the way a bowhead whale devours krill — mouth wide open, swimming eternally forward.

That about sums up my process as well. Like a whale devouring krill, loading up articles saved in Pocket onto my Kobo, and digesting them for the nutrients that I can extract. I write the most when I’m reading a sizable amount. I write best when I’m absorbing the thoughts of others. I can parse through those thoughts while bringing my own ideas and experiences to bear on the subjects.