April 12, 2023

NPR Signs Off Twitter

NPR appears to be the first major news network to exit Twitter, after repeated attempts by Twitter to label the organization as state or government sponsored media.

NPR will no longer post fresh content to its 52 official Twitter feeds, becoming the first major news organization to go silent on the social media platform. In explaining its decision, NPR cited Twitter’s decision to first label the network state-affiliated media,” the same term it uses for propaganda outlets in Russia, China and other autocratic countries.

Though Twitter CEO Elon Musk has said he may walk back the label, the leadership at NPR has had enough of being jerked around and are sticking with their choice to leave. CEO John Lansing confirmed this with a jab at the erratic nature of Twitter policies.

At this point I have lost my faith in the decision-making at Twitter,” he says. I would need some time to understand whether Twitter can be trusted again.”

This is welcome news. I hope that others join in the exodus.


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