Fine-Tuning Your Blog

Jason Morehead compares his friends’ love and care for their cars to his work on his blog in a new post.

I, on the other hand, am most decidedly not a car guy. My car is just a vehicle that takes me where I need to go, and the less time I can spend thinking about it, the better and happier I’ll be. I am, however, a website guy. And over the years, Opus has essentially served as my own personal hot rod. Only I’m not out in the garage, hunched over the engine. Rather, I’m hunched over my keyboard. But I’m maintaining, restoring, cleaning, and tinkering all the same.

I can relate both to Morehead’s disinterest in cars and urge to tinker with his blog. I do the same (though not so much on the back end) with my site(s). In fact, I sometimes spend too much time messing around with CSS on my site and not enough time writing for it. It helps to keep me sane, though.

Source: Opus Is My Hot Rod