April 26, 2023

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Luke T. Harrington offers tips on how to read more in his typical humorous style. He lands some points that, while they may not be unique, make a lot of sense.

And y’know what? It’s been great for my mental health. Try it for a week: Fall asleep reading a book instead of falling a sleep reading the ravings of morons on Twitter or watching people scream at each other on cable news. It’s a solid bet you’ll sleep better and feel better. And also, you’ll be reading books. Which is what this article was about.

Also, since he publishes through Substack, Harrington can’t resist taking a jab at their new Notes feature.

I almost wrote a whole article about how nonplussed I am by Substack Notes, but it turns out that articles about how bored you are tend to be boring.

That sounds about right.

Source: One weird trick to read a %&$#ing book

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