November 17, 2022

You’re Killing Me

Doug Martsch from Built to Spill has some words for Bandcamp Daily about the sonic masterpiece that is Dinosaur Jr.’s You’re Living All Over Me.

I didn’t appreciate Dinosaur right off the bat. This record just happened to be one of the five or six records that I owned because someone had given it to me. I listened to it a bunch because I didn’t have very many records. Then, all of a sudden, one day I was like This is really incredible.” It took me a long time of listening to it and not really understanding it at all, though. It was maybe the most influential record for Treepeople and Built To Spill as well. To me, You’re Living All Over Me was the ultimate marriage of punk rock and classic rock. I’d grown up listening to classic rock and radio pop. To hear a band that took punk rock and actually put some really good, interesting smart melodies together with punk rock was a revelation for me. It was so satisfying. And the guitar solos were so loud when they’d come on. It was like What is going on here?’ It’s like J. Mascis takes everything you like about classic rock solos and fractures it, but in the nicest, prettiest way. It’s an album that’s stood the test of time, too. I can listen to it today and it’s just as amazing-sounding to me.

I have owned this album on three different formats (including two copies on vinyl). Even for a format fetishist like myself, I think that’s a record (no pun intended). I still listen to it all the time, making sure to crank the volume before it starts so I can feel the bizarro-world disco wah-wah and screaming that kicks off Little Fury Things” blow up the room.


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