Well, it has been an interesting start to 2024. After a year of preparation as a catechumen, I was baptized and received into the Orthodox Church on Holy Theophany.1 It was a beautiful ceremony in which eighteen of us were among the newly illumined” (depicted on Instagram here). My sponsor took good care of me and made sure I had everything I needed. The weekend of Theophany was filled with many holy moments, including the miracle of light (depicted on Instagram here).

The Baptism of Christ. Menologion of Basil II, 10th c.The Baptism of Christ. Menologion of Basil II, 10th c.

That same weekend, I canceled my account, after being on the service since the beginning. The amount of identity politics and animosity towards certain groups (the ones that it’s acceptable to display anger towards) was a little too high there. It left me with the feeling that the community guidelines were not being enforced equally. After I left, I had several supportive and kind follow-up emails from Manton Reece, the developer behind, who is a really good guy. He cares about the user experience on his service. I also received supportive emails and messages from others there, which was important, because many times you don’t get that when you are out-of-step with the zeitgeist.

So, now I’m blogging using Blot, which I’ve been using on and off for some time. I love the ability to use any text editor (mostly iA Writer), write in markdown, and throw it in a git repo to transfer the files to my blog. It’s easy on MacOS with VS Code and on iOS with Working Copy. There are quite a few static-site blogging apps out there that work in a similar way (Jekkyl, Hugo, etc.), but few make it as easy as Blot. I wanted to do something different for my theme, so I’m using the one from my internet friend and fellow indie blogger Theodoric. I made a few modifications to give it a little bit to distinguish my blog, but it’s got a great sense of typography and style, without a lot of extras to clutter things up. I never thought of myself as a serif guy, but here I am. The theme is using the Flexoki color palette from Steph Ango, the CEO of Obsidian (another important part of my blogging workflow).

To cap the month off, I caught Covid, which I had successfully avoided for four years. I just thought I had the worst cold ever until a friend on Mastodon suggested testing for Covid. Thanks to that early piece of advice, I was able to get on antivirals to avoid what happened to me a few years ago where post-viral illness torpedoed my normal life. Hopefully, things are uphill from here.


Dominion by Tom Holland

  1. Theophany commemorates Christ’s baptism by St. John the Forerunner in the river Jordan and the beginning of Christ’s earthly ministry.↩︎

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