September 23, 2022

True Mathematics

Frank Yang commemorates the 20th anniversary of Ladytron’s Light & Magic LP in a post on his blog Space Echo. Completely unaware of the significance of the date, I was listening to the album the other day. My favorite song remains the track in the pole position, True Mathematics.” I’m excited to see a newly produced video for the song. I’m even happier that the video version of the song is different from the album version and has a bit more punch. The vocals are still in Bulgarian, which gives them a certain edge.

We pushed the sound of the language to be as percussive and metallic as possible, beyond the way it naturally is. Live, the song took on a life of its own — it became even harder, almost heavy metal. Also, not many bands open their sets with a song in a foreign language, so it felt like a statement of intent.

There is almost a metal feel to the song, and it’s got a force and urgency to it that is perfect for kicking off an album or a live show.

friday night video noise

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